Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.

I keep trying to wrap my head around Christians justifying abortion. I get why nonbelievers vote for choice. That’s not even my conversation. I pray for that group to find their own peace but I have no interest whatsoever in riding to battle on a dead horse. However, GP-God’s People, my brother, my sister itContinue reading “Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.”

Fighting Depression

I had a friend reach out to me. She didn’t want to get out of bed. I asked her why? She said, she felt there is nothing left to live for. She asked me what I could say or do to encourage her because I seem to have undying faith. I said, “Babe my faithContinue reading “Fighting Depression”

A Timeless Prayer

Written 10/11/10 I share this because I know im not alone. We all stray from our beliefs throughout our lives. It is easy to do. But our God is a forgiving God. And we all too often take his mercy for granted. He is with you and me through all our struggles just ask forContinue reading “A Timeless Prayer”