Quality of Life

I know this might upset a few readers but I’m going to say it anyway. Because well in some index of names (hopefully the Book of Life) I’m pretty confident next to mine are the words ‘bold yet obnoxious.’ 🤷🏻‍♀️ Abortions are human-made. Children are not meant to be human-made, they are made by God.Continue reading “Quality of Life”

Let us not dwell on how she left rather the grace she left behind. 🙏🏼 Rest In Peace, Janet

The world has lost another beautiful being. I don’t know where to begin. I know so many of us have so many questions. As for me, I’m just reflecting the difference she made on my life. She took a bold chance on hiring me. As a high school graduate, she gave me a position thatContinue reading “Let us not dwell on how she left rather the grace she left behind. 🙏🏼 Rest In Peace, Janet”

Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.

I keep trying to wrap my head around Christians justifying abortion. I get why nonbelievers vote for choice. That’s not even my conversation. I pray for that group to find their own peace but I have no interest whatsoever in riding to battle on a dead horse. However, GP-God’s People, my brother, my sister itContinue reading “Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.”

With My Right Hand High I Must Testify

Caution: the following is very personal information and used for the sake of testimony only. Today I had to take a really big step toward solidifying my new future. I had to confirm bankruptcy in a federal hearing in front of thirty other fear-struck adults. This is going to change my educational timeline, the processContinue reading “With My Right Hand High I Must Testify”

Pain is a Stop Sign

  We as humans, strive so hard for independence and pride we forget to pay closer attention to our surroundings and how they affect us. How things and people make us feel contributes to our future understanding and acceptance in life. When you act like a person’s actions don’t impact you for so long youContinue reading “Pain is a Stop Sign”

Dating Guide

Dating Guide Your partner represents you even when you think it’s a simple date. You may feel like you’re just passing time but really you’re losing it if you’re around someone wrong for you. Regardless what media says you don’t have to play games to find love. It’s okay to be judgmental in dating. NotContinue reading “Dating Guide”

What is Love?

  People have grown to use the term “love” too loosely. Love is designed to mean more than just a spoken word. Love is an action. Love is a feeling. Love is an idea. Love is a reaction. Love is a gesture. Love is emotion. Love is a gift. Love is grace. Love is forever.Continue reading “What is Love?”

A Timeless Prayer

Written 10/11/10 I share this because I know im not alone. We all stray from our beliefs throughout our lives. It is easy to do. But our God is a forgiving God. And we all too often take his mercy for granted. He is with you and me through all our struggles just ask forContinue reading “A Timeless Prayer”

Let It Go

Im feeling called to write right now. No technique. No structured flow. Possibly not even sense to be made for all. Im just praying God will reach who he needs to through my words. Im praying for his message to come through me. Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorableContinue reading “Let It Go”