Compelled to Save

Written 09/18/15

People have not a clue the affects abuse can leave on your body, heart, mind, and soul. I read and hear of so many situations that mirror my own and they didn’t make it out alive. I’m so blessed to be here. God has whispered in my ear many times, “I’m your oxygen” and I know he keeps me here to be a passageway for others. So scroll along if you want the usual funny post or selfie. This one is for my friends knowing of someone battling or fighting to overcome.

1 in every 4 women battle a form of abuse in their own lifetime. I know men do too, but 85% of reported victims are women. I will share a link supporting this at the bottom.
It’s not fair to judge, question, or assume someone likes being verbally or physically damaged just because they don’t leave. You don’t have a clue what has been implanted in their mind.
It’s incredibly difficult for an abused victim to get out of bed, cook a meal, focus at work, even tie their shoes. Their minds have been warped. Whether it was physical trauma or emotional whiplashes, many times survivors are at war with themselves.

It’s a process that takes both time and a much higher hope. I’m thankful for God giving me thick enough skin and in many times an inability to feel. So that I could be delivered from experiences with less aftershock.
But I still struggle with flashbacks and mental stillness of my own. I get teased on a date when I carefully consider where I sit, or I talk extremely low. People don’t understand when you explain to them the strict parameters of which you now choose to live.

You have not a clue why someone stays to themselves, won’t put their back to you, jumps down your throat when you say something that seems unappealing to them, and you were just joking.
(A personal experience of my own is having a friend playfully hit me, she never knowing I was prepared to knock her lights out if she touched me again.)
You just never know. I had to remove that friend from my circle for her own good.
It takes extremely close and trustworthy friends, caring relatives, and supportive coworkers to help a person out of domestic abuse.
And it can take years to leave.
Much prayer is needed and self talks are encouraged on a daily basis. Which can be difficult because when you are convinced you are worthless the last person you want to see or hear is yourself.
I’m sharing this because it is apparent in some homes, relationships, friendships but not all. Sometimes the strongest people on the outside go home and get told they are nothing, slapped around, then threatened if they tell a soul.
Red flags are true warnings that when we take our time getting to know someone we can usually spot much better. Not always but many times you can prevent the abuse from ever happening.
Be more alert friends. Pay closer attention. It could save a life.
I had a neighbor killed 2 weeks ago from an abusive marriage and it really hits closer to home than that. #itcouldhavebeenme #compelledtowrite #compelledtoshare #compelledtosave

Warning Signs

Did you know we can stress and not even know? Tense up and not even feel it? Be at such discomfort but become so tolerant from prior acceptance we numb ourselves? Death isn’t always sudden.
People, jobs, situations have a way of working deep under our skin in places we cannot always detect. And it’s usually one step at a time, without the big “sign” many of us sit around and wait for.
Stay aware of how things and people make you feel. The more you take note of now the better you are down the road in a job, relationship, friendship, or partnership.
You don’t need to let every little thing ruffle your feathers but don’t be so quick to go with the flow either.
Don’t turn over everytime something upsets you. Some things are not meant to be in your life or your mind. Release them.
Discomfort, stress, and pain can affect you in ways you could never imagine. You don’t have to take a beating to feel one.
I’m no doctor but I’ve fought ulcers, chronic migraines, eating disorders, and many other misunderstood and improperly diagnosed me in my life.
Over the years, I’ve learned to pray and pay better attention to my body and mind. I rely less on medicine or doctors than I ever have.
Im so thankful because now my spirit literally holds up a bright flag when I’m in a place I don’t belong.
We’re given many warnings we just don’t always want to see them. Stay armored. #Ephesians6 #lifeisshort #dontwasteit #peaceispriceless

Scribe in-Demand

Written 09/07/15

I want so bad to write again, for a crowd that won’t comprehend
The pain that grew inside. The truth I hide. The unforeseen and unforgiven lifeline.
The beauty drenched in soot from flames never mentioned. Though never a victim. Only thankful to have survived.
So many stereotypes misunderstood roles keep alive.
As much as I want to sit quiet im feeling pulled from my pride.
I need a platform that won’t censor the label of my book.
People vibing to a hot hook.
Yet have no idea the trauma it took.
Numbness my gift given from being spiritually shook.
Everyone examines a fastened face as a favorable place where darkness would once cook.
Tats engraved on my heart that purity won’t conceal.
Pierced wounds from matrimony a picket fence will never heal.
There are others left behind. Trapped in a blackhole. Afraid to speak, beaten for being bold.
But we’re so focused on erasing crime we ignore the forgotten souls.
A positive mind sounds nice but life can be so cold.
You don’t know what it’s like to live til death starts to unfold.
Some testimonies not so pretty but it’s still deliverance.
Don’t hush anyone’s salvation because it doesn’t suit your ignorance.
Optimism isn’t always a choice sometimes it’s the only escape.
So next time you call someone’s outlook naive or fake just keep in mind you don’t know what it took to keep them awake.

#blessed #favored

RIP Mitch

Written 7/5/15

Life is never what it seems
The fear of revealing inner demons or reliving a bad dream
Leaves us depicting a picture perfect purpose
Of what we should redeem.
A world full of smiling cowards all fighting how they feel.
Million dollar emojis and priceless captions cash in what is real.
Do we pay attention? Nah it’s too offensive to disagree.
They teach us to shape our words for what should be heard. So what is it to me?
Cheers to the story with the most thumbs up.
Til it hits a psychological warfare and everybody turns their social guns up.

This Love is Mine

Written 7/12/13

Feeling smothered by other families it forces me to wonder where is mine.
Not a mother, wife, or lover. Just another girl stood up in the eternal dating line.
I’m not lonely or needy.
I honestly enjoy too much of my own space and time.
Yet society persists to teach without marriage or children, you deserve no place in line.
I’m patient. I’m kind. Occasionally I even love with it all on the line.
They usually go faster than they come that’s why big girls ain’t supposed to cry.
I just wish the world would back up and let me write my own idea of a good time.



Written 04/28/15

Good morning world.
My Pastor spoke on a need for compassion this past Sunday. You can actually view his sermon at
(Pastor Harold Bare)
His message led me to search deeper for the meaning and origin of compassion as I misunderstood compassion to be an act of sympathy alone. Something I have often struggled to show others.

Compassion is the RESPONSE to the SUFFERING of OTHERS that MOTIVATES a DESIRE to HELP. (Wikipedia)

People are motivated in different ways. People respond in different ways. And people consider help to be in different forms.

There have been a series of events that show all people are in a dire need of compassion. See definition.
Regardless what someone does or doesn’t do, you will not find me to discount the sincerity of any life lost. I pray to God the lost-life was a saved soul. I pray he provide peace to those suffering from the loss.
My response to this suffering is a change certainly needs to take place. It hurts me to see others hurting. I feel motivated to help this change come to fruition. My desire is a better world for all. I stand with you in compassion to see to it that people of every kind are not taken advantage of.

I also acknowledge the pot that is being perpetually stirred across our nation. Meanwhile we willingly divide ourselves as we seek comfort from this turmoil.
Many are suffering. Many are responding. Many feel motivated to help. However many are getting more motivated by a response and less by the desire to help those suffering. Losing sight of compassion. Do not allow yourself to be misled. Wrong is wrong. Every choice you make will have a consequence.

I can only imagine what is happening as we position our focus and defend our anger on social media. Scary. I will save that for another discussion.
It’s rather difficult to show compassion from a computer screen. However we should all be mindful of our response, as it is certainly motivating others and we want to assure it is motivating to help one another and not spread hate.
Whether you notice or not, children are watching us. What we do is what they will continue to do. It doesn’t take someone to bear a child to relate to the mindset of one.
Want change? Therein lies your opportunity. Compassion.

Racism does exist. If you are a person that believes it has died, ride alongside my boyfriend and I for a day. Hold the hand of a biracial child for a day. Walk in a neighborhood you are not familiar. Make a new friend different than you and just listen to their life as they know it.
Just because you turn your TV off, or walk a different path, doesn’t mean it is less prevalent in your own hood. Show compassion.
Much like disease. Poverty. Abuse. Crime. Hate. It is very much alive. It is disheartening. It is cruel. It is segregating.
People are suffering. Respond with compassion.

Jesus proclaimed we are to love one another as he loved us. (John 15:12)
He does not say if you are of a certain color, social class, orientation, or even religion, he boldly spoke the words, love one another. Show compassion.

WE are ALL of the human race. My skin color, being a woman, or having a certain income makes me no better or worse than anyone.
We will bridge the gap, the closer we CHOOSE to GROW together. It isn’t easy. It’s not always fun. Media may not place the spotlight on a positive outcome. You helping a brother in need, may never become viral.
Nevertheless, we will not change our world with sympathy alone or rewarding bad behavior in any regard.
We will not change it by ignoring the cries for help.
We will not dissolve hate by handing the podium over to chaos.
There is no excuse for destruction.
This will not help.
It takes compassion for all people, from all people.
We do not change it by destroying each others’ homes, families, and lives.
Show compassion for one another. Motivate one another. Help one another.

I understand anger.
At times life calls for us to be angry. Not violent. Even Jesus experienced anger. What he didn’t do is hurt others. He didn’t nail others to a cross as was done to him. He didn’t kill others. He didn’t steal from others.
He showed his concern and made it clear change was in order, all without showing any form of violence.
He showed compassion, even for those who hung him on the cross.
If you feel looting and rioting is a well-thought out, organized march or compassionate protest for change then I hope to God no one ever “protests” against you, your business or loved ones.
Show compassion.
Pastor spoke on the media and how one face, one name, one story is how we are reached. So here is my attempt to reach a different perspective.

Imagine a woman in line of a store next to you in regular clothing and you greet her with a smile. Then she steps outside, places a badge on her chest and is immediately treated as the enemy. Rocks thrown at her. Called a pig for standing to protect this country.
She is immediately seen as a target for your anger. Where is the compassion in this?

Now imagine a man at a park shaking hands with people from all walks of life. He then puts on a hooded jacket and is stopped simply because of his attire, beaten to make an example out of, left to die. He was immediately seen as a problem. Where is the compassion in this?

Both scenarios happen daily. The media chooses which way you see it.
Do not let media influence the world’s need for compassion.

It all starts and ends here and my belief in Christianity is not the only religion to share this message to the world.

(Luke 6:31) Do unto others as you WOULD HAVE them do unto you.”

#bridgethegap #spreadlove #care #showcompassion #protestforpeace #justiceforall
#share #repost

Bringing Church to Social Media

I mentioned today I was a bit bummed I had to miss church for the first time in over a year. Thankfully for technology and my loving, caring, and compassionate Mother, she called my boyfriend and I so we could hear the entire sermon.

Talk about a sermon that is just spot on! And I know it wasn’t just for me. But I sure could take a decade’s worth of wisdom from it. I’m away in Texas for work this month. Today Pastor’s theme was on traveling.

Paraphrased, “When you’re traveling never assume you are outside of your persona. Ppl know who you are wherever you go.” – Pastor Harold Bare,
(By the way, his weekly sermon is online to be shared with anyone at anytime).

Some may ask what he is getting at. Well have you ever noticed when you’re sitting on a plane next to someone who happens to live behind your home church but has no church of their own and has lived in your town for 3 years and you just find yourself talking about your testimony? No coincidence.

What about when you are in line of a restaurant about to cuss the server out for messing up your order and out walks a fellow member of your church from the back? Suddenly your tone changes. 😉

How about when you are more than 24hrs of driving distance away in an unfamiliar area and your shuttle driver reaches in to you and says in a very strong Caribbean accent, God is good isn’t he and smiles like he could see right into your soul? 🙂

You get my drift and yes those are all personal moments or reminders since I’ve been on my trip. God is with me and I am with him. Even miles away from my home.

Today Pastor touched on Psalm 86:15
But you, O Lord, are a God of compassion and mercy, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. (Psalms 86:15 NLT)

If my heart could be anymore transparent I’d think I were a ghost!
We as Christians are meant to live our lives following Christ and treating others as Christ treats us.
Pastor talked about how we are so quick to say others can get a job, or work hard like us, or raise their kids better etc. I am so guilty of this!
I recent took the gifts class and test. WHICH CHANGED MY LIFE AND WAY OF THINKING FOREVER.
My lowest score was in compassion. I can sell anything rather naturally as many know, and I love to jab. I’m far from organized and could care less about sympathy.
Believe me I live daily thinking I can do anything and others should motivate themselves to feel that way too. But it isn’t always so. And sometimes it takes the very gift I don’t have to reach deep in someone’s heart and find what is stopping them or holding them back.
God gave me a gift to motivate and being away he has taught me I need motivation too. And TONS of patience.

I have had ppl ask me why do I feel the need to use FB for “preaching.”
Same way one might use it to “turn up” and prove they live by the motto “YOLO.”
I live to share Christ. I have ever since He found me.

I’ve made friends on FB that I would not otherwise meet. I’ve gone to ppl and had ppl come to me with a private message as simple as “Hi” and talked for hours about Jesus.
This is of absolute no favor to me. But I have asked God to use me to bring others to salvation. He has had complete strangers reach out to me and ask me to walk them through how to ask Him into their hearts. Pray with them about things they’ve never told anyone.
I love what I do.
I am thankful to come up in a generation capable of virtually reaching out to others. However, It doesn’t stop here. I spend hours studying in-person conversation. (You have to in order to succeed in my career line). I But through it, I’ve learned that reading a book about how to talk to ppl, taught me how to share Jesus. I follow hundreds of preachers and Christian public speakers online, but I know and appreciate the value of sitting front row of my church. Today would have definitely been a day I would want to go for alter call. But I’m thankful God laid this blog on my heart instead.

Today, Pastor said,
“There are ppl who need what Jesus can do for them.”

I knew such beforehand, but it is truly a rather loud and ringing wake up call to hear it!!
We jump in glory and live our happy saved lives and there is someone crying in their closet praying they could die just like I once did and I have to find them. How dare I live with a peace and not share it?!

So while my FB posts are ever so annoying to come across in a feed and trust me I do notice what attention the different levels of entertainment I provide gets. (It’s hard not to coming from a modeling industry where 100 likes made you the beauty of the day).
I seldom get replies or shares on blogs such as this. But that ONE person who needed to hear it. That ONE soul that needed saving. God will reach. All I have to do is write. God bless GP.

Let It Go

Im feeling called to write right now. No technique. No structured flow. Possibly not even sense to be made for all. Im just praying God will reach who he needs to through my words. Im praying for his message to come through me.

Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. (2 Timothy 4:2 NLT)

If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. (Jeremiah 29:13 NLT)

My mind is turning gears on something so broad it can’t fully be identified. But I know it must be shared.

What if certain ailments we have or had was not just our body telling us something but God? For example, what if my migraines are simply God trying to gain my attention? My Mother tells me all the time, they are my sign to slow down, rest, breathe, relax.
Because if my body did not have a shut down I would not value its need for rest at all.

Or perhaps just a way to silence a room so I can hear God’s voice?
What if life were that simple? What if we could take his word in just that easy?

I never drink coffee. Today I had three cups, instantaneously my kidneys bothered me. Is it always that clear? No way. Granted that’s three cups of coffee I had no business drinking. So naturally one says, “Your body is signaling you’ve had enough.”

Is it coincidence, the Lord calls our body a temple?
Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, (1 Corinthians 6:19 NLT)

Could drinking coffee be a sin, causing an ailment of damaged kidneys?
Is it from putting it before God?
How on earth could a cup of coffee come before God? Well if I choose it over him, it’s something I put before him. Correct? #rudeawakening

Perhaps some people “it” happens faster. Perhaps some slower. Could “it” be our chance to make things right with God?
Is “it” simply a #message?

If you think I’m crazy meet my father. He was #stabbed in the heart and lives to tell about it. Rode in the passenger side of a car into a tree and thrown from the #windshield. Told he’d never walk again. The man is here for a #reason. Could God be telling him something that he chooses not to listen to?
Or perhaps he’s telling me something?
Maybe even you?

Addictions. Let’s define it.
Merriam Webster shares it is a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).

As a Christian, could it simply be something in the way of God reaching us? Something before him? Something the devil has to use against us, but only if we let him?

Could I be addicted to complaining? Could I be addicted to unrest?
Are my migraines simply an outcome of my lack of submission to God’s will on my life? Or are they to keep me in his will and move me along the path he has set out for me without distraction? Could this conversation cause one? Lol maybe. But only if it’s God’s will. As I know he wants me to stay up and write tonight.

So many of us pray for healing, but what if that obstacle we pray to be delivered from us keeps us from problems we couldn’t handle?

“The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.” (1 Corinthians 10:13 NLT)

Is it possible, God is reminding me each time I get a migraine of my family history of diabetes? Is it possible I get them because if I could have chocolate I would be forced to fight a much more severe problem?
Is it possible I can’t drink alcohol without an episode, because I have over 10 alcoholics in all sides of my family and upbringing? Is that scientific research of alcoholism being hereditary or is that simply God having a bigger plan and assuring I don’t get lost along the way?
I find it no coincidence I was trashed at the UVA corner, years ago. Woke up completely lost in thought.
Walked into a bathroom and saw my father’s face in the mirror.

I understand this message is all over the place. But is it possible we spend so much time organizing we forget to apply wisdom and spread the message to others?

It’s past my bedtime. I’m very tired, however I can’t sleep knowing someone needs this tonight. My body is literally shaking from the providence reassured to me in a 5 minute conversation with a total stranger.
It’s truly a rude awakening.

God gives us such small moments that make huge transitional movements in our life.

Stop praying for something to change and pray for the will to make a change.

I can’t share all my testimony in one writing. Just as you couldn’t read all I’ve been through in one book.
If you never read my blog again, I understand. This had to flow. It was from my heart and I’d rather it be a freed mess than to clot waiting for the perfect moment.

In conclusion, let go of all things and let God. No matter how big or small your obstacle/addiction/distraction may be.. Is it too big for Him? No. Then let it go.

Blaming Our Teachers

Hi friends. As you know, I haven’t blogged in years. I appreciate your support and inspiration to rejoin the writing force. Please feel free to share, I just ask my name stay attached. I encourage constructive criticism and respectful feedback. I’m sure there are grammatical errors and tangents needing to be rephrased or removed. Thanks for reading! More to come soon. 🙂 Stay blessed.

-Blaming Our Teachers –
By Brittany Casstevens

I see so many posts online bad-mouthing schools, institutes, and the teachers that work there. Sadly from all ages. I think it’s a serious lack of good character and flat out nonsensical that people can comfortably sit back and blame the school system for our mishaps and regression in life.
By the way it doesn’t take a teacher to teach, for us to learn.
If you want to blame someone for you not being able to find a job, not balancing a paycheck properly, or delivering child support for a kid that you are uncertain is your own.. Blame yourself.

All too often we feel sorry for ourselves, when in fact if we listened to that little voice in our head during the heat of the moment we’d be lightyears ahead of where we currently are.
I feel true sorrow for my fellow teachers who stay up over-night to study for strenuous exams and graduate with a required degree in which reflects understanding and application of educating our students. Only for some, not all, despicably ungrateful and selfish individuals to mock the very words they sweat to share with us.
These “soldiers” have some of the hardest underpaid positions. They make a tremendous sacrifice, in order to teach our upcoming children and college students essential information as they mature and prepare for the “real world.”

Oh you don’t find showing up for Physics at eight am essential to your career interest? Well, let’s focus less on the information you may or may not use later and more on the discipline.
-The will it takes you to rise in a mood capable of accepting information.
-The car/transportation provided to get you there.
-The courage it takes to walk to the front and share your thoughts with your peers.
-The strength it takes to overcome their responses.
-The patience it takes when your teacher gives you a B on a project you felt you gave an A effort.
-The teacher who showed up to share knowledge and understanding with you, often from their own well-prepared interpretation.

Before you rant about skipping class just think a moment to yourself, “If I skip a CEC (that’s continuing education course) with my future job will I still qualify for a promotion or raise? Will they still acknowledge my other assets I bring to the table?” You better believe the buck does not stop with a degree. And being a great volleyball teammate will not guarantee you work. Does that Physics class still feel pointless?

Even our teachers are still in a learning process. Most educational faculty or staff stay late with their students or come early grading papers to seek and try new strategic ways of teaching; so that their students can have a fighting chance at being someone spectacular in life, regardless of their upbringing.

Some dedicate their entire life in seeing our children of misfortune and limited opportunity succeed. Who cares if they get it right every time? How can we not show appreciation for such a dedication to our ever-changing world?
Sure there are occasionally a few bad apples that should have landed in a different bucket, but what area of life doesn’t have them? This teaches our children/students balance and systematic learning.
How dare us blame our school system full of such hard working dynamic individuals who often have no one to turn to when things go wrong? Who often are shot down when they stand up to faulty policies? And don’t even get me started on the saints working with special needs. There is truly no bigger heart of gold than those tucked in the back of the building in the narrow and quiet corridor with up to twenty students at a time.

Newsflash – teachers are not meant to parent or babysit – if it’s not taught at home don’t blame the soldiers on the frontline in favor of your child’s education.
Blame yourself.
Blame your spoiled and lazy irresponsible child that you refuse to accept could be wrong.
Do not expect the government or school system to raise your child for you. Regardless of your situation, use the help that is given and move on with life.
Take some freaking responsibility for your society and your own commitment.
Is your child staying up watching Miley Cyrus and tweeting pics of their favorite twerk video instead of researching colleges? Do they have 12,000 followers?
Are you eating at the table like a family should desire to or are you releasing your teen to be on FB during family qt?
Are you monitoring their social life?
Do you even know what they are studying? How much freedom should we give our teens?
I know what many of you are thinking. Where do I fit into all this as I have no children?
A bit harsh, as I know some parents truly can’t be there.

Well I fit in greatly. I don’t have to be a parent, I was a child and a hell-raising teen. There is too much to be done on our end before we blame anyone else. I grew up with the best my parents could give me.
My Mother raised me mostly on her own working at night and did whatever it took to make sure I brought home good grades. Sure I could wish she were around more, but it was ultimately my own decision to succeed. She taught me dedication and work ethic at a very young age.
My Pops, while incarcerated used to mail me tips from jail on how to not end up where he was. Imagine that Christmas card and family pic by the tree. The man is a genius who dropped out of school at fourteen. He was stabbed in the heart and almost died. His life was spared but his lack of education has served as a barrier his entire life. He taught me commitment and the quality of true friendship.
Do I hate him for not being there? No I thank him.
My stepdad was around at times and he genuinely cared for me, but I was already grown and didn’t accept the value of life he gave me until later. He taught me patience.

While I still managed to be spoiled and mighty hard headed in my own way, life as a child taught me motivation.
School taught me balance and structure. Teachers taught me authority and respect.
Many of my teachers did not have confirmation but could imagine life at home for me was rough. I showed them my desire to learn and they never once kept me from achieving my goals. They may have judged me at times, but when they saw I would not give up they made way.

I spent a few years trying to cut corners, but God saw to it daily to teach me a lesson. Why? Because as a very young firecracker I made a decision to learn. And it wasn’t easy.
Medically labeled bipolar, ADD, suffering from PTSD you name it. By thirteen, I knew I was all kinds of screwed up but could tell you every symptom and side effect positioned with my alleged disability. I could even perceive in others who possibly struggled as well.
I switched many schools and classrooms but still managed to stay on Honor Roll. Doctors refused to medicate me. I continued to drive teachers insane. But they didn’t give up on me.
I remember being eleven years old and witnessing the likes of a swat team swing into my bedroom window as if they were Tarzan’s entourage. Try that one for an imaginative article.
I went back to school on Monday angry. Hurt. Depressed. Confused. I wrote about it in a paper for English and spent a week in ISS for disorderly conduct.
I could have hated my teachers.
My Mother could have cried to the news, ranted on the internet (yes, it existed then) or worse taken me from school. But she comforted me, loved me, and told my ass to get back in the classroom and pay attention to the magic school bus that would drive me out of my black hole.

I didn’t always listen and spent many times in detention, juvy, and even jail. I remember debates with my teachers to the point of a letter sent home stating, “I was too busy trying to teach the class to actually learn anything.” This very well could have been true.

We all go through our phases of shut-down, for whatever reason. Some much worse than mine. However, it is unfair to blame our teachers for our unwillingness to grow and overcome.
I tell you eighteen years later, I still remember my third grade teacher who imprinted self-belief on my heart, told me I should be a lawyer. And in ninth grade a teacher not so uplifting told me I’d amount to teen pregnancy. She taught me determination.
Both were words that carried me through the hardest times in my life.

I am thankful for all teachers, good, bad, and indifferent. It takes a supernatural level of patience to be a teacher.
In conclusion, never blame those sent here to teach us. They may show you something you’ll never use or something you will fight to disprove. But if you look close enough either way you will learn.. Something.
Blaming them does not change our outcome only the generation to follow.
Get up. Get out. Get over yourself. Peace.

© Brittany Casstevens and bCompelledtowrite, 01/09/2014
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Brittany Casstevens and bCompelledtowrite with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Looking for People to Share Their Testimonial

Hi all! This page has been undergoing construction for quite some time. #Writers are crazy. We need tons of alone time to plan our next step, really we’re just lazy and wait until we feel #God hits us on the head with a plot to make a move. :0) Anywho, I’m looking for fellow friends with a #testimonial or #story you would like to share and I brought my page back to life so I could find you. If you have had a #lifechange for the better, big or small, and would not mind an open forum to discuss your #success… I want to hear from you! Feel free to send me any story leads or referrals to or PM me. Some of you I have already come for. The secret to success is there is no longer a secret only a doorway. My job has been called to find it and show it to anyone who cares to go through it. God Bless! 

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