Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.

I keep trying to wrap my head around Christians justifying abortion.

I get why nonbelievers vote for choice.

That’s not even my conversation. I pray for that group to find their own peace but I have no interest whatsoever in riding to battle on a dead horse.

However, GP-God’s People, my brother, my sister it just is so incredibly beyond my level of understanding.

No we are not perfect.

Of course we all sin, fall, and make mistakes. I get all of that. Yes a sin is a sin and the judgment will be the same in our father’s eyes but that doesn’t make the children’s lives of any less value.

The argument of it is dead already, well if that were true you wouldn’t be in an abortion clinic, you’d be in an emergency or L&D room being induced, delivering an unfortunate cause of still birth. Yes, it would be a horrible pain that I hate to see anyone go through. Many women in the Bible had to endure that hardship and heartache. But God blessed them later with another child. If you believe in God like I know many of you do, then you know He’s got your front, back, and side in EVERY battle you go through.

God doesn’t stop loving you just because you have a baby with the wrong person or you don’t finish school. God doesn’t stop hearing your prayers because you impulsively married the wrong man. You got divorced and the father was an addict who often abused you? Yea I almost married that guy too. He was going to kill me if I didn’t abort my baby. We had a horrific physical fight. But I made up in my mind I would die before I’d let anyone decide my child’s fate. I ended up miscarrying. It was unfortunate but God brought me past that pain and taught me how to love all over again. Now I have a beautiful healthy son and two bonus daughters.

God doesn’t say to hell with this one they are a lost cause. So why would we? Because some doctor thought it would be a good idea to give women a choice of motherhood? Look as a Christian our body does not belong to us. That’s why we face so much turmoil because of the crap we drag our own temple through. Our body is a vessel that God uses to bear another breathing living being. You don’t choose having a baby anymore than you choose waking up the next day. It’s God’s gift to you. A non-Christ-believer simply can’t understand that, it’s why they fight so hard to defy our core beliefs.

A lot of people are angry because they are hurt. They are disappointed with their own moral compass.

But you can’t look at them and decide your fate either. You can only remind yourself as a Christian you’ve been born again and thank God our savior doesn’t ever choose to abort us.

Look I am not judging you. I am calling you out. I’m asking you to reconsider. I’m begging you to not think of yourself, don’t think of your non-Christian friend that doesn’t see sin or life as you do. Don’t think of a #shoutyourabortion campaign as something of comfort. It’s like heroine for an addict on a day where he runs out of change. A literal design by demons to confuse love with hate and gratitude with guilt. God is not the author of confusion my brethren! So think again!

Think of Jesus and how he held ALL the children in his hands.

Some were too poor to feed themselves but he gave them bread.

Some were orphans and he introduced them to his own father for protection.

Some were too rich to fathom being loved for free but he showed them intangible peace.

Some were sick and it seems so unfair but in his arms he made them well.

Some were dead. He laid his hands on them and brought them BACK TO LIFE!

See our God doesn’t ask us to sacrifice our children for selfish success. He is in the miracle business and if you’re a believer then you don’t have to do anything but BELIEVE!

People that don’t know me and the journey God brought me from think I just don’t care. I care much more than anyone could imagine or handle. It’s 5am and what am i doing as my miracle baby sleeps next to me? I’m writing to you. I care so much that even though many of you won’t listen to me now, I’ll still be here when you call me from that clinic. –

Even if you delete me for flooding your newsfeed, you may mock me on your own time, you probably think I’m one radical delusional woman to stand against the freedom of choice. That’s fine too. I’m not anti-choice! I’m pro-voice! And that baby has a story they would love to tell you!

I’m going to pray the world makes the right decision. And I’ll let God guide you as to what is right for you. If ever you need me to hold your hand back to a safe space I’ll do that too. But I don’t want to see ANY WOMAN ever have to overcome that pain.

Don’t look at me to be perfect or think I have all the answers because I don’t. You can point the finger and show me all my own sins. I’ll put them right in the forefront for you to take your pick of which one you want to tear into first. I’m not condemning you to hell. And believe me I know those babies are in heaven so that’s not my concern.

You can blast me on social media for being a hypocrite. You can tell me I’m hateful, regressive to a progressing society and foolish. But this society is progressing into the most confusion it has ever seen. People don’t even want to identify with the very body they were born into. But that’s for another topic, another day. You can do whatever you so feel led to do.

I know when I lay my head down at night if I can save one woman from aborting her future baby then in my mind, God just used me to grow a whole village for him. So imagine what he can do with a nation.

Face it Mamas. We don’t raise these babies on our own, so we should never let the enemy or anyone else make us feel so alone that we give up the fight for that baby to have a better chance than we did.

A good friend comforted me when I was getting ready to deliver my first born.

She said, “your body was made for this, it’s going to deliver your baby whether you think you’re ready or not. It’s your mind you have to convince.”

I’m not really sure of her belief background but she has such a beautiful soul with a strong will and God used her to pop my baby out that week, healthy and strong. I kept repeating that to myself over and over again as I experienced and overcame the scariest moment of my life. Not because of the pain but because what if I screw something up? What if I’m not a good Mom? What if my past comes to haunt me and I can’t give my kid all the things they need?

Those same insecurities raced through my brain trying to cloud my mind from hearing God’s voice. But I listened to the army God surrounded me with instead.

That was my choice. And I thank God I made it in his name.

People call me negative but there is nothing more dark than comforting someone as they do something they will regret for the rest of their lives just because in that moment they think it’s the right thing to do. And you think you’re being a good friend.

If you hear me at all, please do your research, fact check, do what you got to do.

But most importantly remember with all the degrees in the world we will never understand it all and in that moment, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.”

Proverbs 3:5-8 NLT

We should not be fighting on two different sides of a battle when we serve the same loving, caring, protecting, and forgiving God.


A once very broken woman that Jesus still wanted to hold. And because of his arms alone I know in my heart, no baby is worth letting go.

Leaning On The Helping Hand

I’m moving a lot slower these days, physically and mentally. And for the first time in my life, I’ve learned to be alright with that. Missed a lot of my own deadlines. Lost some great opportunities. Even failed a few tasks.
I can’t keep up with my friends and family like I used to. Instead of taking lead I’ve learned how to be okay with saying I need a favor. It’s been a new life for me to have to trust others to be there and I’m so thankful for the many who have been here every step of the way. God showed me while I was down just how many had been holding me up.

I haven’t and won’t ever give up on my dreams, I’m just in a season to prepare for even greater accomplishments than I had in mind. Learning how to be in ministry isn’t just about verbal ministering or sending an immediate message. It’s about administering a path only God can plan for you and take you on. Sometimes you can’t take anyone with you, other times you are assigned to people you never imagined meant for you. And often, you can’t let everyone know your direction as it tells not only your support team but also your enemies right where you will be in route for attack.
Humans have a way of getting off their destined tracks by focusing on what they want but God shows his mercy, grace, and love the most when he works to realign those who have fallen.

Rest breaks don’t mean failure or forfeiture. Sometimes God just slows us down to teach us how to be better stewards and pay closer attention to detail.
I’m thankful for this journey and lil man will have a life so much greater than our own.

I’ve taken some hard hits these past few months, and through God survived everyone of them designed to destroy me.
I want to encourage anyone out there struggling to believe if they will ever make it out the hole they feel stuck in or may have even made for themselves, that God does not break his promises.
He’s your lawyer, doctor, teacher, counselor, and employer. No paycheck, sentence, mistake, or illness can stop what God calls to move.

Stay strong and don’t give up.

The hits you take only teach you how to fight back harder next round. I already know our baby boy is gonna be a fighter just like us. It’s in his DNA. Til next time….

Humility Is Not Seeming Unheard

You know what I fear more than anything?  A friend to say when I’m gone that they didn’t know I was a Christian.

I often hear good-hearted people, that have an abundance of talent and love for God, say they don’t share because they don’t want to steal the spotlight or be in the forefront. They don’t want to look like a hypocrite. They don’t want to come off offensive or pushy. They don’t want to seem as if they are bragging about their blessings.

I’ve been guilty at times as well. However, we must fight that feeling.

As leaders of different ministries, we don’t have to assume credit to instill credibility in a legacy.
We don’t have to receive recognition to train others to recognize their own greatness.
What we do need, is to be in the places that will aid the lost to be found.
We do need to make such a change in the atmosphere that a person can never question if we knew Jesus.

I can guarantee in those times you don’t want to speak and seem argumentative or arrogant, the enemy is roaring loud and proud.

We need to make it known that we are blessed because God gave us the ability to bless others. That is our duty as a follower of Christ!

If you have a gift, talent, or something to share about your faith shout it from the mountain top! If you’ve been saved and have a testimony that will open eyes and change lives don’t sit quietly awaiting the perfect moment to speak. Every day is a test for you to testify!
There is a time to be quiet and your spirit will discern it but I can guarantee it is not within your witness.

I run into many clients in business that fear over-developing their brand or bringing too much attention to themselves.

Humility is not remaining in a shadow out of fear of appearing vain.
Humility is knowing that without God we are nothing and because of God we are empowered. Successful. Chosen.
Humility is strength.
Humility is selflessness.
Humility is love.

Be bold. Be a leader.
Speak for integrity.
Stand for Christ.

Be blessed.


“By humility and the fear of the LORD Are riches and honor and life.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:23-24‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Dear Future Husband

Dear future husband,
You are my king. You are my world.
I’d rather wait til we meet
Than be any other man’s girl.
Loyalty is my promise.
Serving you brings me bliss.
Loving you is my honor.
All of me is your gift.

#futurefocused #waitonlove #myhappilyeverafter
#praytogether #staytogether

Destined for Greatness

I was looking through old photos this evening and came across this one. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring back good memories.
The last time I wore this uniform was the day I watched my father get beaten to a pulp with weaponry at eight years of age by a man in blue, in front of all of my friends and their parents. I was then sprayed directly in the face with pepperspray and thrown into the back of a car. They also took my brother away in handcuffs for disrupting the peace after watching our father bleed to near death on the curbside. They wouldn’t let me touch him.

It was the only cheer event my father ever made it to.

This tiny little innocent face went from a star-struck Sailor to a premature adolescent with a huge chip on my shoulder and anger in my heart. I never cheered again. I never felt the same about being a child. I never trusted a person in uniform again.

I had nightmares for years. I feared being alone or leaving my home.
I was kicked off the team for school humiliation. I still have the letter stating why I didn’t belong. This situation was the only time my family ever made headline news. Thank God my Mother moved me away to Charlottesville. Even after leaving my hometown and not returning for a decade, I was still remembered as the little girl screaming “Don’t hurt my daddy,” in the paper.
I didn’t see my father for months except behind bars and in court rooms.

Innocence as I knew it, was dead.

I’ll never understand why that cop did what he did to me and my family. I do know I had to forgive him and I did many years ago.
It has taken me 21 years to move forward.

What I do take positive from this though is no matter how scarred I was publicly and internally, I am still free.
No matter how much shame I spent my entire childhood fighting, I am still loved.
No matter what damage I have done or others have done to me, I am still whole.
God completes me, not human acceptance.
And while this was one of the hardest things I had to face as a child, I have met many who had it way worse.

Never let a circumstance keep you from your destined purpose of greatness.

Hopefully someone will be moved from this. I know I was. Be blessed.



Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Don’t tell me you love me
When you know my heart
is unsafe in your hands.

Don’t tell me you love me
Just to misuse the art
Of being a one woman man

Don’t tell me you love me
When you won’t be here
As things hit the fan.

Don’t tell me you love me
Then call someone near
For a one night stand.

Don’t tell me you love me
Hoping I’ll stick around
For a second chance.

Don’t tell me you love me
Then push me out
When you don’t want romance.

Don’t tell me you love me
To use my loyalty for you
As your back up plan.

Don’t tell me you love me
Because I really did love you
And I deserve a better man.


Copyright © 2017 Silence Unchained. All rights reserved

Agape Haiku

Agape love is
The highest form one can feel
Selflessly broken.

Agape love gives
When the world only receives
A heart unspoken.

Agape love lives
In the painting of what’s true.
Agape was you.


Copyright © 2017 Silence Unchained. All rights reserved

When You Think of Me…

I loved you.
I won’t apologize for that
In fact I gave you all of me
And I want nothing back.

From you I gained the greatest gift
That I could ever earn.
I fought the hardest lesson I will ever learn.

Through your distance
I became free.
From your confusion
I grew to love me.

Despite of my brokenness
Regardless my flaws
You not loving me
Was the best thing I have lost.

I became my own best friend
Gave my hurt to Him who saves.
Now I can breathe again
He lifted me from my grave.

I don’t blame you.
My heart was torn before we met.
I never let you too close.
I knew my life was a wreck.

So full of sin
But too numb to feel.
I was ready to give in
Life became unreal.

You didn’t mean to save me
You were just living your life.
I was so far from my own heart
Then you said I’d make a great wife.

What you didn’t know
Was the decade I lost
Preparing to walk down the aisle
With my soul as the cost.

Your spirit reached down into mine
You didn’t have to do a thing
I felt a new reason to shine
My heart had a new song to sing.

We weren’t meant to stay in touch
I just became attached to you
It was as if your soul’s imprint
Bled through like a healing tattoo.

Thank you for hurting me
Thank you for pushing me away.
I found self love on this journey
And to that I’ll always be okay.

I can’t record this.
It’s far too deep
I hope you find what you want.
And have everything you need.

I’m blessed that we met.
You brightened the world I see.
I pray wherever you are
You still smile when you think of me.

Copyright © 2017 Silence Unchained. All rights reserved

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