What Will I Teach My Kids?

What will I teach my kids About the man in blue? Will I tell them to fear for their life? Like the child I was, used to do? Will I warn them to hide under the bed When cops come to the door? Will I put their hands behind their head and drop them toContinue reading “What Will I Teach My Kids?”

Virginia – Right to Bear Arms, What About His Bare Hands?

It is unfortunate we live in a world where we need to protect ourselves but we do. As a Domestic Violence Survivor and owner of an organization created to help victims overcome their greatest fears from abuse and addiction (SilenceUnchained.com) I am actually here to tell you why I am in support of the sanctuariesContinue reading “Virginia – Right to Bear Arms, What About His Bare Hands?”

Drinking while Breastfeeding

I read a post about a woman who went viral for publicly posting her drinking alcohol while breastfeeding her child last night. It made me cringe. No I’m not sorry for having gut-wrenching feelings about what someone else does to their baby. I am too #PROLife for that. I thought about it all night. IContinue reading “Drinking while Breastfeeding”

It’s my right to choose

We are talking about beating hearts, their background should never determine their final destination. • 💜 I have been advised to leave politics out of my profession and home life. I can’t. See, it’s not just politics to me. It’s truth. It’s philosophy. It’s transparency. People have refused to buy homes from me, and othersContinue reading “It’s my right to choose”

Let us not dwell on how she left rather the grace she left behind. 🙏🏼 Rest In Peace, Janet

The world has lost another beautiful being. I don’t know where to begin. I know so many of us have so many questions. As for me, I’m just reflecting the difference she made on my life. She took a bold chance on hiring me. As a high school graduate, she gave me a position thatContinue reading “Let us not dwell on how she left rather the grace she left behind. 🙏🏼 Rest In Peace, Janet”

Don’t Party Your Kid’s Childhood Away

We all need to pay closer attention to where we spend our time. We all are guilty of too much social media, too much partying, too much fantasy football. Anything to run away from our adulthood reality. Though there is much to improve, one thing that hits me personally, is people seem to share picContinue reading “Don’t Party Your Kid’s Childhood Away”

Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.

I keep trying to wrap my head around Christians justifying abortion. I get why nonbelievers vote for choice. That’s not even my conversation. I pray for that group to find their own peace but I have no interest whatsoever in riding to battle on a dead horse. However, GP-God’s People, my brother, my sister itContinue reading “Christians were not born again to abort their own kin.”