It’s my right to choose

We are talking about beating hearts, their background should never determine their final destination. • 💜 I have been advised to leave politics out of my profession and home life. I can’t. See, it’s not just politics to me. It’s truth. It’s philosophy. It’s transparency. People have refused to buy homes from me, and othersContinue reading “It’s my right to choose”

Don’t Party Your Kid’s Childhood Away

We all need to pay closer attention to where we spend our time. We all are guilty of too much social media, too much partying, too much fantasy football. Anything to run away from our adulthood reality. Though there is much to improve, one thing that hits me personally, is people seem to share picContinue reading “Don’t Party Your Kid’s Childhood Away”

With My Right Hand High I Must Testify

Caution: the following is very personal information and used for the sake of testimony only. Today I had to take a really big step toward solidifying my new future. I had to confirm bankruptcy in a federal hearing in front of thirty other fear-struck adults. This is going to change my educational timeline, the processContinue reading “With My Right Hand High I Must Testify”

The Hardest Confession

The hardest part about this campaign for me, is not admitting to the world I was abused. I spent years conditioning myself to believe I could take pain. Of all kinds. Many of us do this. Emotionally, physically, verbally, mentally, psychologically, and even spiritually I found ways to convince myself daily that it was betterContinue reading “The Hardest Confession”

He Will Do It Again

Warning – graphic content – While building my website tonight I came across photos of my past life. As I quickly scanned through, I saw a photo of me the day after someone threatened to take my life from me. I took it for this very moment. So years later I’d look back and rememberContinue reading “He Will Do It Again”

Love Yourself

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a blog. But I am so sick of the things men and other women say to influence us to hate/change things about ourselves. I’m not complaining without a plan to change it either!! I intend to live every day demanding respect and acting out of self-love. ThisContinue reading “Love Yourself”