With My Right Hand High I Must Testify

Caution: the following is very personal information and used for the sake of testimony only. Today I had to take a really big step toward solidifying my new future. I had to confirm bankruptcy in a federal hearing in front of thirty other fear-struck adults. This is going to change my educational timeline, the processContinue reading “With My Right Hand High I Must Testify”

Political Line in the Sand

I woke up to messages that people were praying I’d learn to be more open minded on my religious views. Especially as a public writer. Many were angry at me for the turn of the election. One openly shared that hopefully I’d learn to understand political views are much greater than religion. My friend countContinue reading “Political Line in the Sand”

The Hardest Confession

The hardest part about this campaign for me, is not admitting to the world I was abused. I spent years conditioning myself to believe I could take pain. Of all kinds. Many of us do this. Emotionally, physically, verbally, mentally, psychologically, and even spiritually I found ways to convince myself daily that it was betterContinue reading “The Hardest Confession”