Virginia – Right to Bear Arms, What About His Bare Hands?

It is unfortunate we live in a world where we need to protect ourselves but we do. As a Domestic Violence Survivor and owner of an organization created to help victims overcome their greatest fears from abuse and addiction ( I am actually here to tell you why I am in support of the sanctuaries being established to protect 2A.

Let’s start with the reasons I have been told I should be in favor of gun reform:

  • I was an eight year old witness to my father beaten with a gun and night stick.
  • I advocate for the safety and lives of all violence survivors.
  • I have friends who have been shot by stray bullets in a gun fight.
  • I advocate for raising suicide prevention awareness. (
  • I’ve been held by gunpoint twice. Once by a mentally ill former partner. Once while driving for Uber.
  • I was present at A12 in Charlottesville protest for BLM (Black Lives Matter)

“Fear is nothing more than our own reality magnified through the lens of our worst nightmare. “


The featured image is a metaphoric art piece drawn in 2001 by a troubled teen.
While some chose to view things through rose colored glasses, a young high school girl saw society from a mosaic stained hourglass. Far from sheltered and wide awake to a dark reality, she knew there was only a limited time to reach the world. If you look closely, you will notice a distinctive image within the pupil of the eye. It is a pointed gun. The gun was a representation of facing fears that lie ahead. This troubled teen was me. I suffered from PTSD. As an eight year old, I watched my father look down the barrel of a gun at my cheer practice. Headlined in our local paper it was difficult to live in a pretend world when everything as I knew it had turned upside down and I was living my worst nightmare.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Second Amendment – US Constitution

Have you ever met a biker? Did you notice how respectful they were to their bike? They laid it down gently. And picked it up with care. I want you to imagine a gun like a motorcycle. Good people are not the ones misusing these guns. Yes we all know unfortunate accidents do happen. But if you notice a biker doesn’t let just anyone ride. They don’t let just anyone see or use their pride and joy. Most gun owners are the same. A gun is a tool that can be used as a weapon. You are more likely to get hit by a drunk driver, than you are to get shot by a gun.

If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

-Malcolm x

Ever since I went public with my survivor-ship from domestic violence, people have looked to me to be a voice for that community. I participated in a hypnosis therapy that helped me to remove the gun to my head from my subconscious. The fear of a gun was very real to me. This made me a perfect candidate to speak against guns. Years removed from my own trauma, I look at things with a different set of eyes. I understand not everyone will see things the way I do. I also know that my former partner did have an illegal gun. He did hold it to my head. But when he tried to take my life, it was with his bare hands. I can’t speak to every situation, but this wasn’t a gun problem. This was a mental disturbance fed by an emotional fear. And no law was going to solve it.

“Firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives.”

A close friend of mine is in an active self-defense case as we speak. His home was broken into by two men armed with weapons. Read that again! His home was broken into and he is being charged with 2nd degree murder in the state of Virginia. The gun he used saved his life and the child there at the time. It is unfortunate for the life that was lost. But please understand this is a brief explanation of what could happen to anyone.


As a female Domestic Violence survivor this really opened my eyes. How many times could I have stopped my assailant if I had my own protection? I’ll never know. I just have to move forward and teach others the significance of self-defense. I have to use my testimony as a reminder that a woman can take back her power. A woman may not be able to predict an attack but she can learn self defense and reduce her chances of being harmed from the attack.

“In Chicago, 2,526 people have been shot this year.”

– Chicago Tribune

I am thankful this number is declining. However you mean to tell me in a city where guns are not permitted unless purchased and registered before 1982, and they have only decreased the reported crime rate by less than one person a day? There are still 5 people a day involved in a gun crime there. I understand nothing happens overnight but wouldn’t you think we would see a bigger change in their local crime rate?

The people we are threatening with these gun laws are NOT the people in the streets of Chicago where guns have been outlawed and gun violence is still prevalent. No. The people that are affected by these laws are the local Mom and Pop shops that defend their own restaurant from being taken over by thieves. They are Pastors of churches who rely on armed elders to protect their congregation in the event of a mass shooting. They are the owners of local shooting ranges and self-defense institutes. They are the parents of children who attend local schools and face fear every time their child gets on that school bus. I am all for making sure that people are responsible with their guns. I am not fully against background checks keeping guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to society. I am however not going to ever vote for gun confiscation and I believe these laws leave too many doors open heading in that direction.

   I have taken the time to hear many different perspectives regarding guns and violence. The misconceived perception is that these words go hand in hand. The truth is, these words are not synonymous terms.

850 people have been shot and killed by police in 2019

Unfortunately I have not had the best experience with police officers. When I was a child, not only did I watch my unarmed father take a traumatic beating, there was another time my unarmed family member was taken in cuffs without a search warrant. I remember asking the man with a badge for a search warrant, he basically pushed me out of the way and proceeded to complete his task. This caused me to grow up not trusting the man in the blue. Perhaps that family member deserved to be arrested, but what happened to due process?
Contrary to what you might think, I have grown to meet many respectable people in law enforcement. And here recently I have interviewed several officers who have told me they are in favor of our counties protecting themselves within sanctuary. They understand they cannot always be available.
I also know if you don’t stand and speak in times such as this when your county is fighting over its country’s rights you discredit the significance of our first amendment.

I would argue and say that the Second Amendment is the most valuable one because it is the only amendment that ensures the other ones.

– Veteran and Talk Show Host, Graham Allen

In 2017 I had someone take false accusations against me. There I was in the sheriff’s office signing for my own arrest and until all accusations were clear I could not possess a firearm. Mind you I already had an EPO against this person. However, I was instructed to turn in anything I had while they investigated me. Talk about innocent before proven guilty. That is what the Virginia law did for me. The deputy himself looked at me and said,

“I know good and well what is happening to you, all I can tell you is if they come to your home, wait til they are inside to protect yourself. Do not do anything in the street.”

This drastically changed the safety I felt in the hands of the law.

Above are the links to the proposed 2020 SB session. I encourage people to do their own research.

I have researched the Constitution. I have taken hours to read through these proposed laws. I shared a few stories of things I have personally discovered just to give you some background of my perspective. I encourage you to talk to reason with others not just argue and learn about the other side. You may be like me and spend 25 years of your life fighting against a gun to realize that fearing an inanimate object is ludicrous. Are there bad people in the world? Absolutely. Which is exactly why the good behaving citizens should not have their rights tampered with when they are more likely to be present in a mass situation than anyone in uniform.

I hope this helps. I really do just seek to understand and then teach to help others understand. There is much more to this than people standing outside wanting to wave their guns in pride. This is truly about our neighbors’ rights and our protection. If you are reading statistics and see that domestic violence is attributed to gun violence please keep in mind people like me. It is not fair to count us out. I am not even included in that report because 2 out of every 4 never report their attack. Statistics cannot always solve a puzzle and laws do not always solve a crime.

Thank you.

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Charlottesville, VA – A12

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