Quality of Life

I know this might upset a few readers but I’m going to say it anyway. Because well in some index of names (hopefully the Book of Life) I’m pretty confident next to mine are the words ‘bold yet obnoxious.’ 🤷🏻‍♀️

Abortions are human-made. Children are not meant to be human-made, they are made by God. “He breathed life into (hu)man.” I know it’s hard for non-Christians to accept which is why people feel so eager to fight for a ‘choice.’

Guess what else are made by humans? Opioids. Opioids have become an epidemic.

Our human doctors and pharmacists screwed up by the liberty of our government to wrongfully distribute these all over the world to the dying hands of people known as addicts everywhere.

At one time someone made a choice that this was a good idea and people deserved to fight their pain. Most were invented in a lab, not just picked from an opium plant and you better believe our government has the power to add or take away whatever they want to control our population so heavily addicted to them.

Don’t tell me I can’t relate. I have watched my relatives and friends suffer to get these drugs now taken away practically overnight because of the newly served information that for lack of other terms ‘we made a boo-boo.’

These people are often so addicted to these pills, they can’t see the people they are hurting by killing themselves. Believe it or not before these pills, millions of these people lived beautiful lives and one day an unforeseen circumstance changed it all. They are often in so much pain physically or confusion mentally they stop the spiritual ability to care and heal. And sadly a doctor somewhere thought it better for these people to die off from their addiction than to actually be treated for the reason they were in pain. It has taken decades to get our government involved and stop the madness. All you holistic health folks can certainly understand the insanity within our healthcare system. This is why you fight so hard for the medical release of natural medicinal healing.

Our pro-choice (quality of life) folks if your stance remains mirrored to your stance on abortion you must assume these people better off dead too. Their quality of life is so poor why should they have to live a life of suffering? And yet doctors daily go to jail for voluntarily and consciously contributing to the deaths of these people.

The argument is they use our tax dollars like the fosters you often assume pro-life don’t care about. They can’t always care for themselves like the homeless or mentally and physically incompetent you claim we don’t support or focus on. It is very expensive for our government to supply pain meds to these people, so to you and your ideology (quality of life) must think death is a better option for those suffering at the hands of addiction. They sadly often agree with you, which is why millions have just given up.

But our government has even gotten involved now and said we have to change this, people are dying.

Back to abortion. 61 million ended lives later. We know a child (human) is being killed. We don’t perform this ourselves, just like we don’t make our own opioids but we know our end goal is to take away pain (ours) or we wouldn’t go through with the choice. We abort the lives of millions of disabled because well the mother can’t afford their care, emotionally doesn’t want to handle the burden of their disabilities, and oh she slept with a deadbeat sperm donor and now it seems like a bad idea. Let’s abort. There is that 1% that were taken advantage of and yes that must be a difficult decision. God made my decision before I had a chance to when I was raped. But I still feel for those dealing with that issue. I’m thankful the people I have met were people who chose to keep their child. It is because of you I comfortably continue to stand against abortion and not pay attention to media, claiming you have no voice.

What we don’t consider in this fight for quality of life and the right for choice is the choice of the one we are killing. They can’t care for themselves yet. They can’t make decisions yet. They don’t know the strength of the drug designed to kill them. They don’t know their earth daddy is a deadbeat but they can live a prosperous life anyway. They don’t know their mother is unstable but there are another set of hands dying for the chance to love them. They don’t know their story because they never get to tell it. You don’t want them to tell their story, because well that might be a chance for someone to learn about faith.

The person originally provided opioids from a doctor is read a disclaimer, ‘hey this is highly addictive and death is a factor.’

No one reads this to the child at the mercy of the doctor and your choice-given hands.

So my pro-women are you pro-choice on all things for all people or are you pro-convenience? Are you really ignorant enough to claim pro-life people don’t care about the progression of lives for people?

To the men who often comment they have no say, you do. You have say on what our healthcare should provide. And if opioids were only killing men, women would still have the right to speak against the death and pain of their loved ones.

When a domestic trial goes to court and mother and father are deemed unfit or worse are no longer living, they look for the next kinfolk in line. It is YOUR responsibility to speak up for your family. Don’t fight for immigration because of relatives and keep quiet when relatives are being aborted. Don’t fight for the family killed by guns or policeman and ignore the ones killed by abortion.

Don’t be a hypocrite like the millions of Christians you love to hate on and call closed-minded. That isn’t you. You are freedom of choice in all things. So that little roaring voice wanting to come out of the womb should have one too.

Just educate yourself. In 1973 we didn’t know what we know today. There are movies made http://www.unplannedfilm.com. There are people willing to talk. There are alternatives regardless what your neighbor tells you about hungry and homeless people. Abortion is a choice. Should life for someone else be your choice? Or their own?

Published by Cat from the Ville

Writing kept me alive. Sharing makes it worth seeing another day. Site has been under construction for several years. Heck, my life has been but I figure if one person can gain something from me then it's all worth it in the end. :0) Be blessed. Enjoy. Matthew 7:7

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