When You Think of Me…

I loved you.
I won’t apologize for that
In fact I gave you all of me
And I want nothing back.

From you I gained the greatest gift
That I could ever earn.
I fought the hardest lesson I will ever learn.

Through your distance
I became free.
From your confusion
I grew to love me.

Despite of my brokenness
Regardless my flaws
You not loving me
Was the best thing I have lost.

I became my own best friend
Gave my hurt to Him who saves.
Now I can breathe again
He lifted me from my grave.

I don’t blame you.
My heart was torn before we met.
I never let you too close.
I knew my life was a wreck.

So full of sin
But too numb to feel.
I was ready to give in
Life became unreal.

You didn’t mean to save me
You were just living your life.
I was so far from my own heart
Then you said I’d make a great wife.

What you didn’t know
Was the decade I lost
Preparing to walk down the aisle
With my soul as the cost.

Your spirit reached down into mine
You didn’t have to do a thing
I felt a new reason to shine
My heart had a new song to sing.

We weren’t meant to stay in touch
I just became attached to you
It was as if your soul’s imprint
Bled through like a healing tattoo.

Thank you for hurting me
Thank you for pushing me away.
I found self love on this journey
And to that I’ll always be okay.

I can’t record this.
It’s far too deep
I hope you find what you want.
And have everything you need.

I’m blessed that we met.
You brightened the world I see.
I pray wherever you are
You still smile when you think of me.

Copyright © 2017 Silence Unchained. All rights reserved

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