The Making of Silence Unchained

I remember when I only had 600 connections on Facebook. I know you may say numbers are just that. But in a world of marketing every number is an opportunity for change!
God told me he was going to multiply my reach tenfold if I remained disciplined.

I was dating someone at the time that was convinced social media was a joke.
He would laugh at me when I told him I wanted to make a media ministry through my outreach.
He told me “stick to my day job and keep bread on the table.”
He told me I was crazy for caring about people who would never go out of their way so much as to even like a post or share for me.
He mocked the name I wanted to use and said it would never grow. In fact he hated it so much he refused to follow it and told me no one would ever know of our relationship as long as I went this direction. We were scheduled to get married and he said he’d never give me his last name if I didn’t let this go.

I listened to him for a long time out of fear of losing his “love.”
I deleted sites and shut down my own networks. I stopped posting my own passions for years. I never shared my artwork. Half of my friends didn’t know I was a poet or even went to church.

I might have been silent but I was not stagnant. God used that time to help me with strategy and obedience. It took a lot of heartache and a ton of pain but years later by the grace of God, SU has a reach of over 20,000 and God is on the move in every step!!! This is only the beginning!!!!

It has taken years of therapy and practicing self-love to remove the negative voices from my own head. I am now well on my way by God’s grace and might of training people around the world how to practice positive living.

NEVER listen to someone or something that is deterring you from God’s plan. If you have a mission on your heart, if God awakens you with a vision do not worry about how! Just know God said GO and your way will be made.

I just want to say thank you truly to everyone of you who like and share my posts. It’s a sign to me that I’m doing the right thing and moving in the right direction. It’s an open door for someone in need to be encouraged. It means more to me than you could ever know.

💜🙏🏼 Be blessed. Be encouraged. Be unchained.



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Published by Cat from the Ville

Writing kept me alive. Sharing makes it worth seeing another day. Site has been under construction for several years. Heck, my life has been but I figure if one person can gain something from me then it's all worth it in the end. :0) Be blessed. Enjoy. Matthew 7:7

One thought on “The Making of Silence Unchained

  1. Good morning my sister! 🙂I try not to post or read any social media on Sundays. (That is the day I chose to take a break) However, you were on mind (and in my Spirit today) so I made the decision to be obedient and reach out which led me to your story. I just want to say that your story really moved me. (I’m 52 years old) I have been out of an abusive marriage for over 20 years, advocating for 15 years, yet your words gave me confirmation about some battles I recently have been fighting. Stay strong my sistet! Stay armored up! Keep blessing God’s people. Remember, the anointing, and the hand of God is on you! All my prayers and Love flowing your way. #HowGreatIsOurGod

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