Stop Dating Your Blessing

   This week has been full of great opportunities and I hardly have time for praise team practice tonight. Reciting a speech in the am, working on my book, helping my real estate clients, and maybe at some point may try to get some shut eye.
   The enemy told me to just skip, it’s only one session.
But God said NO with a stern voice and asked me to share for someone who needs this.
He reminded me that I’ve wanted to sing for over 15 years and I was comfortable enough to come back because I saw how faithful the other members had been and that someone may be led back to their own church by me remaining dedicated.
   He reminded me that just a few months ago I was in the bars trying to find the answer to my pain and now I am blessed to be able to sing for his glory in my story!
As beings of habit, it literally takes us one time of getting off track and before you know it, two months have gone by and you wonder what happened to your once clear direction.
   My Pastor once asked me when was I going to stop dating my church and commit. I laughed but it stuck with me.
We all tend to date many of the things we love, vs marrying them and it is exactly why we don’t get the fulfillment we desire. If we date God, date church, date practice, date reading the Bible, date in relationships, date our jobs, date our dreams – then naturally we allow ourselves to live so comfortably that we adapt to leaving things behind whenever life gets too complicated or hard. It’s just like a pendulum, it’s hard to get the first one going but once it does, it knocks the other balls right into motion.

   However out of selfishness, we often convince ourselves that instantaneous mediocre is better than lifelong stability and security. Just think about that business you’ve always wanted but you tell yourself I’ll just keep collecting this steady paycheck for now, then twenty years later you ask yourself why you never started that business.  Or maybe you started it, one thing set you back and you convinced yourself to “take some time off” as a decade slipped by.

In the hard times is when God speaks to us the most.
In the hard times is when faith is tested, and his face is truly revealed.
In the hard times is when we grow.
    It’s easy to show up for the fun times, free food, and great feelings that life can provide. It’s easy to skip practice, or tell ourselves that we can just go to church in our homes. But it’s the servants that hold down the Lord’s house and make ministries stay alive. Our attendance in all things is not necessarily about us at all. You don’t have to agree with me. Not everyone wants to be a servant of God. However, we were all made in his image and to glorify him. So if you ask me, I believe we were all meant to be that servant. Just many of us spend so much energy serving ourselves that we never get to experience the high of serving for God.
    So no satan, I know it’s only one practice but I refuse to date church or my love for God and his people anymore!
Someone stand with me.
    If you commit to something, stick to it out no matter how hard life gets or how busy you are.
In our loyalty is where God reveals our blessing.
Don’t let an entitled world keep you from a supernatural vision.
#Jeremiah29 #Psalms91 #Phil413
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Writing kept me alive. Sharing makes it worth seeing another day. Site has been under construction for several years. Heck, my life has been but I figure if one person can gain something from me then it's all worth it in the end. :0) Be blessed. Enjoy. Matthew 7:7

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