Written 04/28/15

Good morning world.
My Pastor spoke on a need for compassion this past Sunday. You can actually view his sermon at
(Pastor Harold Bare)
His message led me to search deeper for the meaning and origin of compassion as I misunderstood compassion to be an act of sympathy alone. Something I have often struggled to show others.

Compassion is the RESPONSE to the SUFFERING of OTHERS that MOTIVATES a DESIRE to HELP. (Wikipedia)

People are motivated in different ways. People respond in different ways. And people consider help to be in different forms.

There have been a series of events that show all people are in a dire need of compassion. See definition.
Regardless what someone does or doesn’t do, you will not find me to discount the sincerity of any life lost. I pray to God the lost-life was a saved soul. I pray he provide peace to those suffering from the loss.
My response to this suffering is a change certainly needs to take place. It hurts me to see others hurting. I feel motivated to help this change come to fruition. My desire is a better world for all. I stand with you in compassion to see to it that people of every kind are not taken advantage of.

I also acknowledge the pot that is being perpetually stirred across our nation. Meanwhile we willingly divide ourselves as we seek comfort from this turmoil.
Many are suffering. Many are responding. Many feel motivated to help. However many are getting more motivated by a response and less by the desire to help those suffering. Losing sight of compassion. Do not allow yourself to be misled. Wrong is wrong. Every choice you make will have a consequence.

I can only imagine what is happening as we position our focus and defend our anger on social media. Scary. I will save that for another discussion.
It’s rather difficult to show compassion from a computer screen. However we should all be mindful of our response, as it is certainly motivating others and we want to assure it is motivating to help one another and not spread hate.
Whether you notice or not, children are watching us. What we do is what they will continue to do. It doesn’t take someone to bear a child to relate to the mindset of one.
Want change? Therein lies your opportunity. Compassion.

Racism does exist. If you are a person that believes it has died, ride alongside my boyfriend and I for a day. Hold the hand of a biracial child for a day. Walk in a neighborhood you are not familiar. Make a new friend different than you and just listen to their life as they know it.
Just because you turn your TV off, or walk a different path, doesn’t mean it is less prevalent in your own hood. Show compassion.
Much like disease. Poverty. Abuse. Crime. Hate. It is very much alive. It is disheartening. It is cruel. It is segregating.
People are suffering. Respond with compassion.

Jesus proclaimed we are to love one another as he loved us. (John 15:12)
He does not say if you are of a certain color, social class, orientation, or even religion, he boldly spoke the words, love one another. Show compassion.

WE are ALL of the human race. My skin color, being a woman, or having a certain income makes me no better or worse than anyone.
We will bridge the gap, the closer we CHOOSE to GROW together. It isn’t easy. It’s not always fun. Media may not place the spotlight on a positive outcome. You helping a brother in need, may never become viral.
Nevertheless, we will not change our world with sympathy alone or rewarding bad behavior in any regard.
We will not change it by ignoring the cries for help.
We will not dissolve hate by handing the podium over to chaos.
There is no excuse for destruction.
This will not help.
It takes compassion for all people, from all people.
We do not change it by destroying each others’ homes, families, and lives.
Show compassion for one another. Motivate one another. Help one another.

I understand anger.
At times life calls for us to be angry. Not violent. Even Jesus experienced anger. What he didn’t do is hurt others. He didn’t nail others to a cross as was done to him. He didn’t kill others. He didn’t steal from others.
He showed his concern and made it clear change was in order, all without showing any form of violence.
He showed compassion, even for those who hung him on the cross.
If you feel looting and rioting is a well-thought out, organized march or compassionate protest for change then I hope to God no one ever “protests” against you, your business or loved ones.
Show compassion.
Pastor spoke on the media and how one face, one name, one story is how we are reached. So here is my attempt to reach a different perspective.

Imagine a woman in line of a store next to you in regular clothing and you greet her with a smile. Then she steps outside, places a badge on her chest and is immediately treated as the enemy. Rocks thrown at her. Called a pig for standing to protect this country.
She is immediately seen as a target for your anger. Where is the compassion in this?

Now imagine a man at a park shaking hands with people from all walks of life. He then puts on a hooded jacket and is stopped simply because of his attire, beaten to make an example out of, left to die. He was immediately seen as a problem. Where is the compassion in this?

Both scenarios happen daily. The media chooses which way you see it.
Do not let media influence the world’s need for compassion.

It all starts and ends here and my belief in Christianity is not the only religion to share this message to the world.

(Luke 6:31) Do unto others as you WOULD HAVE them do unto you.”

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