Choosing the Right Channel

Written 07/31/13

Yesterday was a serious day of nonsense. And I have not written in months, so bear with me. In my distractions God has revealed to me a simple but insightful analogy, that I would like to share.

Our life is like watching TV. However, we are only meant to watch one channel at a time.
When we try to watch more than one, we lose focus and never get the full story.
A bad case of ADD you may say. (Advocate for Demon Duty)

One channel is what we desire to watch. One channel is what God plans for us to watch.
The longer we watch the channel we want, the less we desire the channel that God has for us to view. So we impatiently and ungratefully wait to see what happens next.

If we commit to change over and watch what God wants us to watch we have less of the desire for what we ought not view. Less uncertainty of how it will go.
(Beware, the devil understands target marketing and is sure to advertise your old desires when commercials come on).
As the word says,
The Lord your God is a devouring fire; he is a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 4:24 NLT)
This is why it is so important as a Christian to have a team of accountability and fellowship that shares a similar interest in this channel.

In time of watching a consistent, educational, and growing channel, we establish a mature love for God’s planned program. We start to desire God’s channel and we don’t want to miss a single show.
When you feed the flesh, your spirit can’t grow.
But when you feed your spirit, your flesh becomes less of a distraction in your walk with God.
Brought to you by peace, love, and a humble heart.

© Brittany Casstevens and bCompelledtowrite, 07/13/2013
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*blessed to be back

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