Looking for People to Share Their Testimonial

Hi all! This page has been undergoing construction for quite some time. #Writers are crazy. We need tons of alone time to plan our next step, really we’re just lazy and wait until we feel #God hits us on the head with a plot to make a move. :0) Anywho, I’m looking for fellow friends with a #testimonial or #story you would like to share and I brought my page back to life so I could find you. If you have had a #lifechange for the better, big or small, and would not mind an open forum to discuss your #success… I want to hear from you! Feel free to send me any story leads or referrals to compelledtowrite@yahoo.com or PM me. Some of you I have already come for. The secret to success is there is no longer a secret only a doorway. My job has been called to find it and show it to anyone who cares to go through it. God Bless! 

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